Thursday, September 20, 2007

American Duty

American Duty

Further to Our Moral Rights please examine the followings.

1. Poor Americans must identify the motive and people behind the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.
2. People of America must identify motive(s) and identity of people like Zionist Paul Bremmar, General Jay Garner and others who deliberately and willfully destroyed the Iraqi police, municipality, army, air force, navy and other Iraqi institutions during their first six months of CPA administration.
3. All Americans must genuinely investigate reason(s) and identities of people who managed to convert Iraq from a:
a. Secular population to fanatically religious one,
b. Peaceful nation to a violent one,
c. Stable society to a refugee society and
d. Affluent society to a bottomless basket!

If Americans can truly and accurately investigate these items listed above, only then there may be a hope to free Americans! Else, they are doomed!!

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