Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Zionised Marrickville Council

Zionised Marrickville Council

Zionism is worse than Nazism. Yet, some Marrickville Councilors and staffs are muzzled by the Zionist forces. They do not tolerate any creative and tasty stickers like “Free Palestine”, “Stop Genocide in Iraq” or “Stop Bush”! However, they are very tolerant of commercial stickers and posters, even though many of them are causing environmental, visual and moral pollution!

I suppose these people love to support the existence of a “gaming reserve” like the occupied Palestine where the Zionist forces have imprisoned millions of women and children and murdering them at any time with anything including F18s, Apache helicopters, tanks, machine guns, starvation, frustration, suffocation, ….. Possibly, they have been doing so to take revenge of the European atrocities towards their ancestors in the past despite the fact that the poor Arabs and Muslims used to protect them!

I also wonder what type of sane people would support genocide in any countries of the world and welcome a TERRORIST leader like George Bush?

Adelaide IMC

Monday, August 27, 2007

Jomby West of the Housing Commission Mansion

Jomby West of the Housing Commission Mansion

You are a professional bankrupt and teamed up with another one of your type. You have been sitting in the Housing Commission Mansion and bludging on the rest. What have you achieved in your life apart from spewing racist and sectarian filths? Nothing!

Don’t you get too excited! Your spiritual leader Adolph Hitler used to have a plan to take over the whole world! Where is he now? Look at the hyper powered super power’s leader “Adolph Bush” and his act of terrorism in Iraq! He is exposed and loosing. You will face the similar fate too.

Your cult leader manipulated Yahoo for while. Yahoo will wake up and things will be fine.

By the way Jomby, if you know your father and if you are correct, then why don’t you and your cult leader debate any issue with me at any forum instead of hiding behind racist and fascist “moderation” and other types of cowardly actions?

Oh, please try to answer Disgusting Australian Values and Exposing a Criminal (Michael Jools) if you can!

--- In, "Cabbie Rights" wrote:

I have not read anything so hilarious for a long time.It seems Yahoo has had enough of Farouque Ahmed. Well Done Yahoo!The reasons given by Yahoo speak for themselves.Now all that remains is to terminate Farouque's membership of the NSWTDAI would like to buy the people behind this a dinky di Aussie pint of beer.

Jimmy West.

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